Information (content) is growing exponentialy the last decade. In order to grow with their information, organisations have to structure and organize their content. Our content management products provide solutions to organize, manage, share and query your content. We have several products from Open Source to flexible data platforms and custom database implementations.

At Logan we are specialized in custom software development. Since 1999 its our core business to create tailor made software and databases. For our tailor made software we either use the popular scripting language PHP in combination with MySQL or Microsoft ASP.NET MVC combined with SQL Server.

Over the years we have developed our own stable framework (on top of ASP.NET MVC) . Our custom projects are based upon our framework which has been fully tested.
Also in our custom solutions we implement exisiting CMS products which already contain reusable functionality. By using our framework and CMS products we can offer our custom solutions for a very attractive (fixed) price.

We have a period of 3 months after acceptance where we fix issues at no cost. Bugs are always fixed with high priority and at no cost.

Our e-commerce solutions are based upon Open Source products combined with custom software.

Our intranet solution Casebook is a intranet platform for organizing and sharing content. It contains chat features and can be used on an international scale. Our customers use Casebook to share knowledge and communicate around the globe.

Allmost all of our projects are hosted by ourselfs. Our hosting solutions come with a Service Level Agreement where we guarantee an uptime of 99,9%. Ofourse you can choose for your own hosting provider.
Our helpdesk is available during the day and support platform is monitored 24x7